Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring for my first class?2023-04-18T20:13:49+00:00
  • We recommend you bring your water and a sweat towel.
  • If you are taking barre class, you will need grip socks.
  • SPD compatible cycling shoes or sneakers for all cycling-based classes except TRX Cycling Fusion which requires sneakers.
Are spin shoes available to rent or buy?2023-04-18T20:14:23+00:00
  • We do not provide spin shoes currently.  But all classes except the barre-based ones can be taken in sneakers.
  • For our barre-based classes, grip socks are required. We do have grip socks available for purchase in the studio.  Please arrive early and see your instructor if you wish to purchase barre socks.
  • Towels are also available for purchase in studio. Please arrive early and see your instructor if you wish to purchase a workout towel.
When should I arrive for class?2023-04-18T20:15:05+00:00
  • Doors open 15 minutes prior to class starting to allow time for the instructors to set you up on your bike or give you any additional instruction if you have any previous limitations or injuries.
  • Door close 5 minutes before class begins. This allows time for your instructor to give any additional directions to the class before starting the workout.
  • Failure to arrive on time will be subject to our late cancel/no show policy.
Are there beginner friendly classes?2023-04-18T20:15:58+00:00
  • We pride ourselves on being an inclusive studio.  All classes can be modified to any level of fitness.
How soon can I reserve my spot in a class?2023-04-18T20:16:54+00:00
  • You can reserve a class up to 7 days in advance.
What is a “late cancel” vs. a “no show”?2023-04-18T20:17:21+00:00
  • A late cancel is when you cancel your reserved spot within 12 hours of a class’s start time.
  • A no show is when you sign up for/reserve a class but do not cancel in advance and do not show up as scheduled.
What is the late cancel/no show policy?2023-04-18T20:25:11+00:00
  • Any cancellation must be done at least 12 hours prior to the start of class
  • Class pack holders:
    • Late cancel results in a loss of the class
    • A no show will also result in a loss of class and incur a $10 charge to your credit card on file.
  • Unlimited package holders:
    • A late cancel or no show will incur a $15 charge to your credit card on file
Where are you located?2023-04-18T20:19:22+00:00
  • 132 Levering St.  Philadelphia, PA 19127
What are your hours?2023-04-18T20:20:22+00:00
  • We are open everyday for classes. Please click here to see class times.
How do I get in touch with someone about info?2023-04-18T20:20:52+00:00
  • Please email info@thewallcycling.com with any questions.
  • Note: No changes to accounts/packages/memberships/billing will be processed via social media messaging or text messaging.
Do you offer personal training?2023-04-18T21:39:57+00:00
Can I just walk into class?2023-04-18T21:40:41+00:00
  • No, you must sign up prior to class.  This is to ensure proper safety and preparation for both you and the instructors. Safety of our clients and staff is our number 1 priority.
Weather Polices2023-04-18T20:22:35+00:00
  • Safety of our clients and staff are our number 1 priority. In the case of inclement weather, you will be notified via email and text any class cancellations or updates.  We will also post this information to our social media platforms.
  • Please be sure to bring a pair of dry shoes to the studio for your workout on days where there is rain or snow.  This is for the safety of our clients and to preserve the integrity of the equipment in the studio.
If class is canceled by the studio, how will I be notified?2023-04-18T20:23:08+00:00
  • You will be notified via email and text. We will also post to our social media platforms.
  • If you have purchased a single class or a class pack, your class will be restored to your account.
  • Unlimited members will not incur any charges if the studio cancels a scheduled class.
Do you have a water fountain?2023-04-18T20:24:07+00:00
  • No, we do not have a water fountain, but we do sell bottled water in studio. Please arrive early and see your instructor if you need to purchase water before class begins.
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