Top 5 Benefits of Barre


Ballet? I don’t think so. Yes, Barre fitness classes are ballet-inspired but the class is so much more than meets the eye. These classes are not cardio based but rather a series of strengthening exercises that target your entire body—core, arms, legs and your glutes. Small, isometric movements are choreographed to music that will boost your motivation sky high. In each focused workout, you’ll use the barre and additional exercise equipment such as “mini-balls”, small hand weights, resistance bands and your own body weight to work and stretch your entire body. Here are the top 5 reasons to incorporate barre in to your fitness routine!

1. Works the muscles, soothes the joints
The small controlled movements that are completed during a barre class reduces pressure on your joints, ligaments and spine. If you start to do barre regularly, it will improve your all around strength (especially in your core) and improve your posture.

2. Targets every inch
Be prepared to be worked from head to toe. After each leg-shaky, strength-intensive class, your entire body will truly feel worked. You’ll feel refreshed, stretched and strong. Because barre classes incorporates using your own body weight to tackle different areas, you end up working numerous muscle groups at the same time. The isometric movements also allows you to target smaller muscles that often get surpassed. The end result you may ask? Sore… very sore (in a good way!).

3. Deem yourself flexible
Through isolated stretching, you will absolutely improve your range-of-motion and flexibility as you continue to incorporate barre in to your fitness regimen. This is absolutely one of the top benefits of barre. Increasing your flexibility and strength will decrease your chance of injury while performing physical activities as well. Another major plus!

4. Shed those lb’s!
Many barre workouts target the largest muscle groups in the body—those legs!. The larger the muscle being worked, the more calories you will bid farewell! As you continue to incorporate barre in to your weekly activities, you will build lean muscle as well as raise your resting metabolic rate. This can help you produce even more energy and burn calories. If you double up with barre workouts and a healthy diet, you will achieve maximum results.

5. It’s a ton of fun!
Barre may not have the high intensity, heart thumping effect of an indoor cycling class or the calming vibes of Yoga, but upbeat instructors, amped-up playlists and energy-pumping movements make this workout a one you will truly enjoy.


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