Lets talk “Workout Undies”


Over the past few years, so many brands are have been pushing their fashion forward and expanding to the fitness side of the industry. From commercials to digital marketing, promotions displaying vibrant leggings, too-stinking-cute tops and “yes I must have that” headbands are all the rage. You know what they say, “look good, perform well”, am I right ladies? However, what they are not promoting are items that every fit chick must keep in mind—what is under those gorgeous Lulu leggings. Yes ladies, yes… we are talking about your undies. And if you’re like me, it might make your heart palpitate thinking of working out while “going commando”. Why has this become a trend?

Personally, going commando.. I just can’t do it. On one occasion while I was working out before teaching an indoor cycling class, I had worked up a bit of a sweat and wanted to jump in the shower to throw on fresh, dry clothes. And there it was… my worst fear coming true right before my eyes… I forgot my workout undies. Because of my fear of going commando, I sucked it up and wore a pair of cotton cheekies I had with me and it was the worst decision I ever made. Picture swamp ass mixed with chafing central (yeah, I said it.)

Never again did I forget undies on my way to my workout. However, this brings me to a great point about wearing the right kind of undies for the activity you are participating in.

I will start out by saying this…cotton is NOT your friend. I highly recommend investing in undies that are geared towards fitness related activities. When you find the right pair, you’ll be amazed at how great you feel during your time in the gym.

I’ve tried several different brands and have narrowed down a few that have become my new fav’s:

Their Namastay Put Hipster is life changing.

These things are like heaven on earth—you won’t even notice you are wearing them! They are unbelievably light weight and you have minimal to zero lines when wearing them (major plus right there!). Comfort is key when participating in high intensity activities like indoor cycling and HIIT workouts and they’re worth splurging some dough on. I personally prefer the Cheeky style vs the Thong as the thing style tends to stretch out.
Cost: $18

Some other brands that I have become a fan of:

Under Armour
Their one-size-fits-all pair is wonderful. My suggestion is go with the Hipster style or the Pure Stretch vs the Cheeky to avoid a major wedgie. Stay away from the sheer as they completely stretch out and give major underwear lines.
Cost: $12 or 3 for $30

The “Everyday Brief” is almost identical to the Namastay pair by Lulu. My only gripe with them is the liner has torn in every single pair I’ve ever purchased. They’re good for a couple wears but I no longer spend the money on them for the fact they always rip.
Cost: $7.95

No matter what you decide to workout in, material does matter. Staying dry and feeling light will not only help you excel in the activity you are participating in, but it will also help you from picking countless wedgies and avoid the sweaty swamp in your pants that cotton will cause. (hehe!)

Happy shopping, ladies!

Written by Juliet Sabella & Christine Fahey

Categories: Fitness

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