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Wall apparel

The Wall is so excited to reveal the newest look and feel for our apparel/merchandise line that will be hitting our shelves this summer!

With the amount of competition that many businesses face in their industry, it has never been more important to stand out from the crowd and hold a unique identity to propel your individual essence through strategic branding. The Wall Cycling Studio has so much to offer the residents of Philadelphia and we wanted to promote that even more through the look and feel of our brand.

When you think of brands that stand out to you, who do you think of? Nike? Lululemon? Under Amour? Now ask yourself, what is one thing that all of these have in common (other than producing fabulous workout attire)? They have a strong brand icon that one instantly recognizes in the marketplace. The Wall has become so prestigious in the fitness industry since it opened it’s doors almost 5 years ago now. Taking home multiple awards and going from a 475 sq ft studio to a beautiful new 3,000 sq ft space has propelled their business to a level all it’s own. The Wall is continuing to grow at an accelerated rate and owner Juliet Sabella felt like it was time to expand their brand awareness as well.

A successful brand will always contain an audience knowledge as well as a sense of being unique, passionate, and consistent. With all of this in mind, Julie and I teamed up to come up with a brand icon that will coincide with the look and feel of the Wall’s current logo & brand elements but one that also represents the studio in all that it embodies as a business. We sat down together and asked ourselves how we/the customers view the studio, how one feels when they are there/during a physical experience, the goals the Wall has as a business and the vibe that the staff and studio give off as a whole. After nailing The Wall’s brand pillars, we knew that this new mark absolutely had to promote a sense of passion, love, grit and a sense of feeling at home. Through a few rounds of initial compositions, the new symbol for the Wall had finally taken shape. This new mark is sleek, modern, and promotes everything that the Wall stands for in one small entity.

We are so excited to share this exciting new step for our brand and cannot wait to see you rocking this outside of the studio repping the community that you love! Keep your eyes out for super cute tanks, hoodies, water bottles and more coming your way!

Written and designed by Christine Fahey | cfaheydesigns.com

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