Dry Shampoo Must Haves


Alright ladies.. what is one every-day essential that every fit chick must have in her possession? Yes, you guessed it.. dry shampoo. Dry shampoo saves us so much time and effort when we need to run out the door after getting a workout in. These products truly are, as one of our instructors quoted, “fairy dust in a bottle”. With there being SO many options to choose from, we polled our instructors to get their feedback and share some of their all time favorite brands!

Here are some of the products we cannot live without (add them to your Amazon prime basket, ASAP).

Batiste: aka, the mecca of dry shampoos. This brand has a dry shampoo for every hair type imaginable and allows you to find the perfect product for your locks by taking a quiz via their website. They match you up by hair color, type and end goal after styling. Their products contain amazing fragrances for hair that smell as great as they look. Their ‘Hint of Color’ products are tinted, so they blend seamlessly with whatever hair color you may have. They also have products solely focusing on strength/shine as well as volume. A handful of our instructors recommended this brand and it is definitely worth a try!

BlowPro – Faux Dry Shampoo: This little fairy dust bottle will leave you with soft locks and a fresh look (even after a sweaty spin class!). Once you spray it on your roots, it immediately removes oil and adds tons of volume back in to your hair. Unlike other dry shampoos, Faux Dry doesn’t leave behind a powdery residue thanks to its fool-proof application. Plus, a little goes a long way with this product and will last you for months!

Living Proof – Perfect Hair Day (PhD): This dry shampoo contains fast-absorbing powders that soak up oil and sweat QUICK! One of our instructors swears by this product for the amazing results she receives (as well as it smelling almost identical to Chanel perfume. Hello bonus!) It provides minimal buildup, luscious volume, and a wonderful time-released fragrance that will last you all day. This is one we would definitely recommend!

Lush – No Drought Dry Shampoo: One instructor broke her love for this product down for us by a fantastic science:

1. It has a beautiful citrus scent
2. It works wonders on straight hair – instantly plumping up hair with sky-high volume that will hold a curl (pin-straight-hair ladies rejoice!)
3. It lasts for days! You can put it in on a Monday morning and won’t have to wash your hair for a week. (pending how many times you drown in sweat in spin classes that week, hehe).
4. The amount of product in the bottle will last you for-e-ever!
5. Lush is eco-friendly and cruelty-free. You know you’re getting a product that is tried-and-true to sticking up for your furry friends and the environment.

Check out some of our favorite brands this holiday season and share the love with your favorite gals. They would make some fantastic stocking stuffers 😉

Happy Holidays and wishing you some excellent hair days!

Written by Christine Fahey

Categories: Beauty, Fitness, Wellness

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